Free Play Online Casinos

Online casinos give players money in order to increase their play on the online casinos. The free money is a way entice users to join so they can show them what they have to offer. Now many casinos operate under the same software, so the games are the same. What sets the casinos apart is how they treat you once you are a member. The better they do, the longer you will stick with them. This is why some people will play at the same casinos for many years. They win and lose but overall have a good experience and keep coming back. It is the same as going to a regular casino. If they give comps, you keep coming back. If they lack on the comps, you move on to another establishment with similar games but give you better treatment. It is the way it goes and people should consider this when they play somewhere. If you are not getting regular bonus offers, then you should go elsewhere. Here you will find some of the better places to play, enjoy promotions given by these online casinos as the offers are for a limited time to join now to collect your free play casino bonus.