How To Run Your Own Online Casino

With the possibility to make some pretty decent money from running an online casino gaming establishment, it’s no wonder that so many people are trying it out for themselves. Its not even that hard to get started…provided of course that you have sufficient funds and the knowledge of what you are getting into! Here are the 3 main paths into getting your own online casino up and running:

1. Setting up shop. This method involves preparing everything you will need in your business such as create the actual online casino software and web site, hiring a customer service staff, setting up a payment procedure and securing a gaming license. Be forewarned though: this is not an undertaking for the financially challenged! While you can potentially make a healthy income from operating an online casino in this manner, these initial costs can be quite hefty.

2. Pay your dues. You can also choose to pay licensing fees for existing casino software. You can purchase online casino software from companies such as Starnet and merely customize it for your purposes. This option will cost you less money than the first option, but it is still quite expensive.

3. Sub-lease. Finally, you can opt to sign up as an affiliate of an existing online casino. This is by far the cheapest option, although the company actually running the online casino will make most of the money.